Artist Statement

Synthesizing the visual grammar of noir, kitsch and snapshot photography,
my work witnesses the subliminal, surpassed and possible aspects of reality.

Credits: Fotos

•Images captured with Pro Camera HD.
•Images edited with Plastic Bullet, 1967 and Pomelo.

Credits: Art

•Some art created using Alchemy.

Credits: Design

•Many app icons from Icons8.
•Stock photos from Pexels.
•PSD mockups of Apple devices from Pixeden: iPhone 5, iPhone 7 Plus, iPad Air, iMac.
•iChing translations from Wilhelm and Baynes and Whincup.
•Ursa Major app designed in collaboration with David Muse.
•Near and Dear app designed in collaboration with Michael Moran, UVa AMP in Systems Engineering.
•Guitar pedal vector from Dale Humphries.

Credits: Other

•Slideshow plugin by Nathan Searles, SlidesJS.
•Favicons generated with RealFaviconGenerator.
•Other site accoutrements: Bootstrap, Font Awesome, Google Fonts, Adobe Typekit.

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